How vivid the cartoon it is! What the profound cartoon reflects is a not uncommon social phenomenon, from which we can observe that in this cartoon stand two men and a bottle of milk. The 2 men show different perspectives toward the bottle of milk that is place on the ground。

  The picture vividly depicts that three young students are flying in the sky. With a bag on the back, each of them is holding a huge book entitled “Studying Abroad”. The caption reads, “Going abroad for studies is enjoying a striking popularity nowadays”。

  Dear international students,


  According to the information given in the above-mentioned cartoon, the gist of it is regarding how we should perceive the world around us. People tend to show different attitudes towards the issue. Then , what prove to be the underlying reasons for it? The following several reasons stated below can be taken to be responsible for it. First and foremost, that issue is largely having something to do with the current state of people’ mind, without any doubt, some people are born positively, and while some others are born negatively. What is more important is that the outlook and value embodied in society affects how we throw our insights into something we are deal with。

  As is vividly portrayed in the drawing above, a milk salesman is promoting a bottle of milk, which is marked with “next year” as its production date. The drawing mirrors a common social phenomenon and is really thought-provoking。

  Li Ming




  In order to make all of you feel at home, here are some conductive suggestions. Firstly, you’d better take some warm clothes with you because it is winter in China now and it is very cold in Beijing. Secondly, I advise you to prepare some relevant knowledge about Chinese culture for better understanding in class。


  I am the chairman of the Students’ Union. I’ve just received the emails from you and got the news that you would come to our university. Firstly, I’d like to show our warm welcome. On behalf of our university and all the students here, I really look forward to your coming。


  Yours sincerely,




  As far as my personal thinking is concerned, when it comes to mentioning the issue concerning how to look at the world, what we should do is to observe it positively and confidently, especially when we are experiencing and encountering setbacks, only if we have the above-mentioned proposals adopted, can we be bound to live a life of happiness。

  The purpose of the cartoon is to show us that importance should be attached to studying abroad. First and foremost, living and studying abroad offers students a different perspective of the world. On a university campus, international students are likely to encounter their counterparts from various countries and areas and are exposed to diverse ideas and values. What is more, overseas experience is the best opportunity for the real–life use of foreign languages. There is no better opportunity to improve second–language skills than living in the country in which it is spoken。

  I really hope you’ll find these proposals useful. And I’m looking forward to your coming!


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  In line with my personal perspective, some effective measures should be implemented to put an end to this issue, then, what counter-measures should be taken into account seriously?  On the one hand, governments concerned should do their utmost to make rigorous laws and regulations in this regard, on the other hand,  the society as a whole should enhance their public awareness, only if we have these measures adopted , can we resolve it in a complete and successful manner!



  How vivid the cartoon it is! What the profound cartoon reflects is a not uncommon social phenomenon, from which we can observe that there proves to a subway accident, which results in a number of injuries。





  Generally speaking, it is my view that although going abroad is expensive and perhaps painful, the payoff is worthwhile. In the first place, in addition to knowledge, overseas students can gain precious experiences that those who stay at home will never have. Furthermore, overseas experience, frustrating and painful as it may be, is conducive to the growth of adolescents. Accordingly, the difficulty, coupled with the frustration brought by culture shock, is a rewarding treasure for one’s future life and development of personality。

  It is universally acknowledged that the above-mentioned cartoon truly demonstrates a social issue which is becoming more and more popular currently. What prove to be the underlying reasons for it?  Without any doubt, a number of reasons stated as follows can be taken to account for it. First and foremost, the relevant government organs do not do their utmost to give sufficient emphasis on this issue, more importantly, with regard to the due punishment to those who go against the law, they are not severely implemented and conducted。











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