Nowadays, science and technology are developing very fast, and it has transformed the way of our life and is of benefit to our society. Apparently, modem transportation, such as the plane, has made it easier and faster for people to travel around the world than before. Telecommunication technologies, such as the Internet, enable people to send information to a distant place instantly. Therefore, it is safe to say that modem technology has significantly drawn people nearer。

                  Technology alter human conception of real life refer to The Matrix


To sum up, what happened in the film could become true in the future if mankind develop the science and technology without restraint. Technology not merely assist mankind in people’s lives, the director uses a variety of filming techniques to gives audiences truth. People are losing their faith and technology alter mankind conception of reality, the rule of human thinking is dangerous. Additionally, it remind people should come back to the real world and to be treated humanity well and protect it.

  4. Now that "intelligent" machines,such as robots,are widely applied to take the place of human beings because they are capable of doing many useful jobs, although making many people jobless。未来,像机器人那样的智能手机器,能够做过多管用的做事,由此正在大面积的被用来代替人的行事,进而使众多个人失掉工作。

Modern technology was created to help human. In order to liberate mankind’s time, human have invented intelligent technology, it can do most of human work even some of activities which human cannot complete, such as deep-sea detecting and space exploration. Machines’ working based on human commands, however machines perhaps will have their own consciousness if advanced technology still growing. For example, as the film The Matrix describes the network create a world by itself without human’s order and then fight with human. Machines and technology will exist in the form of human thinking and finally beyond the human, due to the powerful database. In the film The Matrix, people live at the end of 20th century which was built by artificial intelligence, they live and have social contact normally. In the contrary, the real world has already entered the 22nd century and human were grown and enslaved by machines. Some people united together to resisted the unreal world during the two spaces. , thus technology not only the biggest enemy, but also the formidable weapon. In the first section, the filmmaker use a pre-credit sequence which a mysterious woman in black avoid being caught by the police to attract the attention of the audience and make the audience confused about the power of the woman. The major characters took codes and phones as bridge between two worlds. According to this film, the director used several close-up camera angles to show that phone has an important role in the film, it can be the transport station because it exists everywhere. Phones symbolized human advanced way of communication, everyone has smart phone in the modern society, and communication way evaluated from make a phone call to use diverse social media, this is the progress of mankind, people’s life become convenient. In addition, the filmmaker use amount of tracking shot to show the distinction between performance and fantasy such as the protagonist Neo learned jujitsu during transmit data in mind, also he went to the matrix with the team. It is the best way to highlight the process of transformation and attract the attention of the audience. A few birds’ eye view shot in the film show the busy city, citizen using technology to live with ignorance and orderly. Technology as the instruments can do everything that human wanted, technology totally assist mankind in daily lives and completely is beneficial to human beings.

  Technology may be improving our lives, but it is also taking away our livelihoods!科学技术艺革新大家的生存,同样也能带走大家的容身立命的生涯!

The Matrix was not only a successful science fiction film directed by The Wachowskis, but it was also a wake-up call for the society of the 21st century. This film emphasized the idea that artificial intelligence is controlling human. Indeed, technology help human in many aspects, in the meanwhile human are turning into slaves of the machines they created. A more personalized and humane society are needed. This essay will focus on the technology alter human conception of real life and the relationship between technology and humanity.


However, technology alter mankind conception of reality, sunglasses play an important role in this film. They all wear sunglasses, Agent Smith, Morpheus and other charterers who know that matrix is not real. They wear sunglasses to protect themselves, because matrix is regarded as evil as artificial intelligence has taken control of the world and imprisoned the minds of mankind. Combined with real, at present people do not believe “Seeing is believing” anymore because of the techniques that can convince people such as PS or video effects. People spent hours communicating with other members of the society through the internet, put imagines on social media and wait others’ praises. Communication through virtual world has become more common than communicate face-to-face. Social media nickname similar to the sunglasses, although users hide themselves under it they can still connect with others, know the news immediately in the internet. Although they become unsociable, the users still have suitable conversations in social media. A number of adolescent indulged violence video games then committed crimes or dead in the real world because they confused the two worlds, the young person took virtual as the real. The accelerated pace of life bring people into a fast world, people ignored the nature. People thought enough technology can change everything, but still helpless when a terrible earthquake happened. People forgot what was real, because everyone live in a world which full of messages, electricity, and instruments and permit them to dominate people’s lives. Mankind is gradually losing humanity.

  素材2:The world is slowly becoming a high-tech society. New technologies like computers and robots have changed the way most of us live and work. While life turns easier in some way, technology has had terrible consequences for many people。当当代界已经变为了高科技的社会。像计算机和机器人这样的新技巧已经转移了大家做事和生活的主意。科学技术使生活更是便于的还要,也给许多个人带来了可怕的结果!

In my opinion, technology has already merely assist people but determine how modern lives’ mode. Mankind will be so dependent on technology that they cannot survive without it. For example, I did not finish the homework one day without technology because I was woken by the alarm clock, have not started is over. Machines occupied the time of people’s life, telephone and social media instead of talking and robots replace human work. Mankind probably become lazier than before, and the worst outcome will be the artificial intelligence smarter than human and has own cognize perceive, in the meanwhile human beings will lose their faith. If human become knowledgeable occur within a few minutes, education will be meaningless, all people are genius and want to be the leader, the social will fall into disorder.

  On the effects of technology“电子科学技术对社会生存的震慑”是现年考研[微博]的销路好话题之一,文都教育何先生给大家总括了有关这一话题的出题角度,方便大家进行写作思路!

  2. humans act like machines人像机器同样干活

  7. The development of modern technology has made people's life increasingly complex and stressful, consequently, people should choose to have a simple and easy life without using technology. 当代科技(science and technology)的上扬使人类的生活变得更为复杂和有压力,大家应当制止处处使用科学和技术,进而使和谐的活着尤其简约轻巧。

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  9. Much of modern technology is not born to meet primary human needs, and many "unnecessary" inventions are producing negative effects on a living style that used to be relatively simple. 多数的今世科学和技术的出现不是为了满意人类的着力要求,并且有个别不要求的申明反而对我们曾今相对简便易行的活着方法爆发了负面影响。

  5. the end of human sparks of creativity, spirit, compassion, love and understanding and other good things创建力、精气神、怜悯、爱、包容和其它美好精神的达成;

  The increasing use of the mobile phone in people’s life; The impact of the internet on the way people communicate; Whether electronic communication can replace face-to-face contact. 这个问法和角度是现年全国性的考查中已考察过的,二零一五考研假设再出现就疑似话题,必然会转接角度,展现分裂的决心!

  6. Mankind may enjoy all the conveniences of life and yet they do not feel any happier or wiser. 人类享受那生活的各个有利,却并未感到越来越欣喜和睿智。

  2. over-dependence on modern technology过度看再当代科学和技术;










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