13 Study the following pictures carefully and write an essay in which you should:

So she said, "Why did you ask for $2,000?"

  To solve this problem, the first step is to learn to control our own temper when facing again such “annoying” ideas or behaviors. When we calm down and analyze in depth what has happened, we are more likely to draw the reasonable conclusion. The next suggestion is to try to be strict with ourselves and tolerant of others at the same time—only in this way will it be possible for us to come to terms with the world. Another important point is that we should constantly develop and improve ourselves—when we endeavor to assimilate knowledge and accumulate experience, we will find it easier to have a calm mind and look at the world from a more balanced perspective.

I want to tell you about a particular crisis. A man walks into a bank in Watsonville, California. And he says, "Give me $2,000, or I'm blowing the whole bank up with a bomb." Now, the bank manager didn't give him the money. She took a step back. She took his perspective, and she noticed something really important. He asked for a specific amount of money.

  最终一段是结语——若是前方写得中规中矩,这一段能够选用一些特种的一手来对小说的品位做小幅的升高。该段共分三句。第一句是一个反问句,呼应小说的首先段:螃蟹作威作福多年,又怎么会不戏弄直着走的人啊?该句的效果与利益在于通过钻探之后,让读者产生巨大的共鸣——这一标题已十一分精通了。第二句说咱俩人是有灵气的,应当通过学习、考虑和交流不断获得发展。最终一句说当大家攀上学习、公司和社会阶梯之巅时,我们应站得更加高,俯看世事,而不轻下定论。那句话是对第三段第三点的一贯呼应。后两句话中均有平行结构的用法,请用心体会。 越是相近简单的道理,我们进一步应该谈深谈透。

Now, another time we feel more confident speaking up is when we have expertise. Expertise gives us credibility. When we have high power, we already have credibility. We only need good evidence. When we lack power, we don't have the credibility. We need excellent evidence.

  小说能够分四段来写:第一段描述图画,第二段解释发生这一场景的缘由,第三段讲应对题目标国策,最终一段作总括。In the picture, a crab is most surprised when looking at a man walking forward.

And she said, "Oh! You don't want to rob the bank -- you want to take out a loan."


And through these experiences, I've come to recognize that each of us have something called a range of acceptable behavior. Now, sometimes we're too strong; we push ourselves too much. That's what happened with my brother. Even making an offer was outside his range of acceptable behavior. But sometimes we're too weak. That's what happened with my wife and I. And this range of acceptable behaviors -- when we stay within our range, we're rewarded. When we step outside that range, we get punished in a variety of ways. We get dismissed or demeaned or even ostracized. Or we lose that raise or that promotion or that deal.

  2. interpret the meaning of the picture;

But if we ask for advice about one of our accomplishments, we are able to be competent in their eyes but also be likeable. And this is so powerful it even works when you see it coming. There have been multiple times in life when I have been forewarned that a low-power person has been given the advice to come ask me for advice. I want you to notice three things about this: First, I knew they were going to come ask me for advice. Two, I've actually done research on the strategic benefits of asking for advice. And three, it still worked! I took their perspective, I became more invested in their calls, I became more committed to them because they asked for advice.

  How can a crab refrain from laughing at a man walking forward when it has run amuck for so many years? We are intelligent beings who should make constant progress by learning, reflection and communication. When we get to the top of the academic, corporate, or social ladder, it is more important for us to stand higher and higher and look down on the earthly affairs without easily expressing our opinions.第一段是对美术的描述,特别简洁。第二段共六句话,阐释现象,在指点句后分两点以来。第一点说分歧的人在对待世界和消除难题时行使区别的角度和艺术是一对一自然的,所以当大家从友好的角度出发时就能发觉旁人的观念和作为难以了解。第二点说藐视外人和推搡外人的私事多是出于自负。当我们评价自个儿时,想的是大家能做成什么;而评价外人时,想的是他俩已经做了什么样。那样做大家就轻易高估本人的本领,而发生了以真理与正义之名来抱怨与非议的激动。


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Now, the first thing we need to know is: What is my range? But the key thing is, our range isn't fixed; it's actually pretty dynamic. It expands and it narrows based on the context. And there's one thing that determines that range more than anything else, and that's your power. Your power determines your range. What is power? Power comes in lots of forms. In negotiations, it comes in the form of alternatives. So my brother had no alternatives; he lacked power. The company had lots of alternatives; they had power. Sometimes it's being new to a country, like an immigrant, or new to an organization or new to an experience, like my wife and I as new parents. Sometimes it's at work, where someone's the boss and someone's the subordinate. Sometimes it's in relationships, where one person's more invested than the other person.

  You should write 160~200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.



"They leaned in as if telling me a secret."

  1. describe the picture;

And the key thing is that when we have lots of power, our range is very wide. We have a lot of leeway in how to behave. But when we lack power, our range narrows. We have very little leeway. The problem is that when our range narrows, that produces something called the low-power double bind. The low-power double bind happens when, if we don't speak up, we go unnoticed, but if we do speak up, we get punished.

  It is not quite a challenging task for us to explain this phenomenon. To begin with, it is natural for different individuals to adopt different angles to look at the world and employ different methods to cope with problems, so we will find others opinions and behaviors hard to understand if we always look from our own perspective. Furthermore, to look down upon others or gossip about others private affairs can be largely attributed to selfconceit. When we judge ourselves, we think of what we can do; but when we judge others, we think of what they have done. So it is likely for us to overestimate our own ability, and feel the impulse to complain and condemn in the name of truth and justice.

I want to end with a few words from my late father that he spoke at my twin brother's wedding. Here's a picture of us. My dad was a psychologist like me, but his real love and his real passion was cinema, like my brother. And so he wrote a speech for my brother's wedding about the roles we play in the human comedy.

And this doesn't just work with salespeople; it works with parents. When my niece was four, she resisted getting dressed and rejected everything. But then my sister-in-law had a brilliant idea. What if I gave my daughter a choice? This shirt or that shirt? OK, that shirt. This pant or that pant? OK, that pant. And it worked brilliantly. She got dressed quickly and without resistance.



  3. make your comment.

But sometimes, we have to advocate for ourselves. How do we do that? One of the most important tools we have to advocate for ourselves is something called perspective-taking. And perspective-taking is really simple: it's simply looking at the world through the eyes of another person. It's one of the most important tools we have to expand our range. When I take your perspective, and I think about what you really want, you're more likely to give me what I really want.

When I've asked the question around the world when people feel comfortable speaking up, the number one answer is: "When I have social support in my audience; when I have allies." So we want to get allies on our side. How do we do that? Well, one of the ways is be a mama bear. When we advocate for others, we expand our range in our own eyes and the eyes of others, but we also earn strong allies.

Now, her quick perspective-taking defused a volatile situation. So when we take someone's perspective, it allows us to be ambitious and assertive, but still be likable.

Thank you.

And one of the ways we can come across as an expert is by tapping into our passion. I want everyone in the next few days to go up to friend of theirs and just say to them, "I want you to describe a passion of yours to me." I've had people do this all over the world and I asked them, "What did you notice about the other person when they described their passion?" And the answers are always the same. "Their eyes lit up and got big." "They smiled a big beaming smile." "They used their hands all over -- I had to duck because their hands were coming at me." "They talk quickly with a little higher pitch."



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