14 Study the following table carefully and write an essay in which you should:

University set up in Shanghai, but will students regard this as a foreign education?

  1. describe the table;

By Lu Chen in Shanghai Xu Zhehao, a 16-year-old student in Shanghai, has been thinking of going abroad to continue his higher education ever since the first day he entered high school.

  2. suggest possible solutions to the problem of the heavy burden of university tuition in China.

When he heard the news that New York University (NYU) in Shanghai had opened enrollment for its first batch of students for the 2013 fall semester, his parents discussed this option with him.

  You should write 160~200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

New York University founded a campus in Shanghai on October 15, the first higher education institution jointly established by China and the US that is qualified to hand out degrees.

  国家大学年平均学费国民人均年收入比值美国4,700美元35,000美元1/8英国1,500英镑15,000英镑1/10中国7,500元7,500元1在审题的环节中,我们应当将读图表(图画)和看提纲有机地结合起来。有的时候,提纲中会把文章的主题直接给出来,这时我们文章的整体布局就会容易得多。在这道题的提纲中,就出现了“中国大学学费负担沉重的问题”的字样,这就是该文的主题,我们的文章应该围绕它展开。From the above table we can see that in America and Britain the ratio of average annual tuition of universities to gross national income per capita is about 1 to 10, but astonishingly that in China is 1. That is to say, the burden of university tuition on Chinese families is nearly ten times heavier than that on American or British families. As a matter of fact, most Chinese families feel it difficult to afford the high tuition of their children, and some absolutely cannot afford it, which has received more and more concern from all over the country.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Chinese students go abroad to receive an education, though for stu- dents in Shanghai, a foreign education may be a lot closer than they had imagined.

  In order to solve this problem, I strongly suggest the following solutions. First and foremost, it is a must to reduce the cost of higher education. We need to cut down the staff in universities, most of whom now have a disproportionately large number of administrators. The now widespread corruption should also be eliminated in universities, such as unnecessary tours and banquets at public expense. Moreover, much importance should be attached to the reform of management system of higher education. The national government should not only increase financial investment in higher education but also optimize the distribution of such money.

However, for Xu, this is precisely the problem.

  To sum up, it is high time to pay enough attention to the problem of the heavy burden of university tuition in our country, and to solve it a comprehensive educational reform is essential.该文共分三段,第一段描述表格,第二段给出解决办法,第三段总结。

“What fascinates me about leaving home and studying abroad is embark- ing on an adventurous journey in a foreign country, so I can study side by side with classmates from various countries and backgrounds. This is what I have not experienced yet in Shanghai,” Xu told the Global Times.


His mother however, considers New York University in Shanghai a good option, as she could remain close to her son.


The New York University Shanghai According to the university authori- ty, NYU Shanghai, co-founded by East China Normal University and New York University, is expecting 300 un- dergraduates in 2013.


Slightly over half, 151 of them, will be Chinese stu- dents who have applied via the gaokao, (or national college entrance examination). The rest will be students from other parts of the world.


In total, the university will accom- modate an estimated 3,000 Chinese and international students.


“The mix of Chinese and overseas students will make New York Uni- versity Shanghai a melting pot for cultivating talent,” said Yu Lizhong, president of the university.

Yu revealed that the admission of the first batch of Chinese students would mostly center on those from the Yangtze Delta Region, and the criteria would be based on a comprehensive appraisal of a student’s overall compe- tence, though more details of admis- sion requirements have yet to emerge.

    更多信息请访问:新浪考研频道 考研论坛 考研博客圈

Students who plan to apply have to submit to the standard American uni- versity admission evaluation process as well as an NYU supplement to be considered for admission, according to an application tutorial video posted on the university’s website.


In regard to the English proficiency requirements for admission, Li Mei, vice president of NYU Shanghai, said that the university focused more on the students’ English communicative ability instead of any test scores and this would be assessed in interviews during the university open day.

Classes will be conduct- ed in English, cover- ing a full range of academic majors.

Before choosing a major, all the students will receive a liberal arts education, and have courses in the humanities and social and natural sciences.




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