Section Ⅲ Writing

Along with the rapid development of urban traffic.Certain problems, have a rise,One of which is the traffic jam.It has become common to see passengers and drivers having to wait in long lines of buses and cars, during the rush hours.From my own perspective, there are several reasons for this problem.

  Part A

First, the number of vehicles is increasing much more repeatedly and the building of roads.In big metropolitan cities, as the number of traffic vehicles, is, sorry up recently.The development of those systems, seems rather slow relatively.No sooner, has a new road been completed, and opened to public traffic, then it is crowded with all kinds of vehicles.In addition, there seem to be too many private cars and not enough public buses.In most cases a car, courage is only one or two people.Well you occupy almost half the space A bus does.


Another reason is that many people, including drivers, pedestrian, and cyclist, don't obey traffic rules properly.Ashley at busy in the sections.Especially at Busy intersectionFor example, some people drive, after drinking, some drive without license.Some rounder last night, and some surpassed, speed limit。All the things undoubtedly All these things undoubtedly west and grave situation。


In view of the seriousness of this problem.Effective measures must be taken before things get worse.On one hand, there is a little for the government to invest more money, in the development of new roads.On a hunch, we should give, priority to the development of public transportation.And, impose restrictions on the use of, private cars in evan areas.At the same time, it is of great importance, that.Stricter traffic rules and regulations should be insured, to strengthen traffic control.

  A 90% new mobile phone of Nokia 3608 with color screen and silver gray case was found missing yesterday(Friday,Nov.12).On the back of the phone case are carved my initials “LM”.

  Possibly I left it in the Reading Room 2 of our college library,where I was writing my papers yesterday morning,or maybe I dropped it in the Post Office on campus when I mailed a parcel in the afternoon.

  Anyone who found it,or has information about it,is requested to contact me at XXXX XXXX.The finder will be offered a handsome reward of gratitude on returning the phone.

  Thank you for your attention to this notice.

  Li Ming

  Part B


  The picture presents a real traffic scene in which endless columns of vehicles have jammed the road,making movement impossible.Much valuable time is wasted and many important businesses are delayed in the helpless waiting for progress.Its no exaggeration to say that the inconvenience and losses caused by traffic jams are inestimable.

  Traffic problem is an inescapable outcome of social and economical development,and therefore is common to most capital cities all over the world.The accelerated urbanization,the rapid increase of private cars,and the lag of road construction are responsible for traffic congestion.

  As the traffic problem involves many factors,there is no single measure that can solve it once for all.For the present,realistic solutions may include:




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