The Importance of Learning Basic Skills

  Facts about the world are waiting to beobserved and discovered by people who have learned basic skills. However, fewpeople realize the importance of basic skills. As is shown in the picture, thepupils in the class are questioning the necessity of learning basic skill suchas multiplication table。

1)working for what I wanted, not for what others wanted me to do; 2)coming up with the best independent opinions I could muster to move toward my goals; 3) stress - testing my opinions by having the smartest people I could find challenge them so I could find out where I was wrong; 4) being wary about overconfidence, and good at not knowing; and 5) wrestling with reality, experiencing the results of my decisions, and reflecting on what I did to produce them so that I could improve.

  In my opinion, basic skills are the bridgesreaching success. For one thing, in the everyday practice, we can use basic skillsto carry out our work. For another thing, solution frequently follows acomplicated route; therefore we cannot ignore the importance of basic skills,which help us maintain objective and wise。

Among the five steps of the author’s thinking-process, the first is beyond the ken of most people, while the second is based on the rule ‘listening to all,talk with a few and make your own judgment ’,given by Mr. Xiao-lai Lee. The third is out of the question to many.The fourth can be learned from working experience,for everything is uncertain in the world and you can never be sure of anything. The last one is also not challenging for most adults.

  As a result, we should take some effectivesteps to make people aware of the significance of learning basic skills. Forinstance, we can inform students that opportunities for misinterpretation anderrors abound, so we must learn basic skills to cope with them. To sum up, wecannot deny it that basic skills are indispensable to our success。

2.I learned that failure is by and large due to not accepting and successfully dealing with the realities of life, and that achieving success is simply a matter of accepting and successfully dealing with all my realities.


the real starting-point of the way to freedom

3.I learned that finding out what is true, regardless of what that is, including all the stuff most people think is bad—like mistakes and personal weaknesses—is good because I can then deal with these things so that they don’t stand in my way.

the difference between the be-good Type & the be-better Type

4.I learned that one of the greatest sources of problems in our society arises from people having loads of wrong theories in their heads—often theories that are critical of others—that they won’t test by speaking to the relevant people about them. Instead, they talk behind people’s backs, which leads to pervasive misinformation.

It’s universal resulting from Man’s nature, but worst in Eastern Culture

5.Most people would be insulted if you told them that they don't have integrity—but how many people do you know who tell people what they really think?

6.I believe that our society's “mistakephobia” is crippling, a problem that begins in most elementary schools, where we learn to learn what we are taught rather than to form our own goals and to figure out how to achieve them. We are fed with facts and tested and those who make the fewest mistakes are considered to be the smart ones, so we learn that it is embarrassing to not know and to make mistakes. Our education system spends virtually no time on how to learn from mistakes, yet this is critical to real learning. As a result, school typically doesn’t prepare young people for real life. In my opinion, that’s why so many students who succeed in school fail in life.

Well-written! It reveals the truth of education. However, the education system laid by the big boss tried hard, even spared no efforts to cover the lid, for facing the truth is dreadful...

7.I learned that the popular picture of success—which is like a glossy photo of an ideal man or woman out of a Ralph Lauren catalog, with a bio attached listing all of their accomplishments like going to the best prep schools and an Ivy League college, and getting all the answers right on tests—is an inaccurate picture of the typical successful person. I met a number of great people and learned that none of them were born great—they all made lots of mistakes and had lots weaknesses—and that great people become great by looking at their mistakes and weaknesses and figuring out how to get around them.

For most people,including me,the picture is so perfect and shining that everyone try desperately to get it.Unfortunately, the other side of the coin ,perhaps the truer aspect is always in the eyes of the few.

8.For me, money has always been very important to the point that I could have these basics covered and never very important beyond that. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think that having more is good --it’s just that I don’t think it’s a big deal.  They were just like cherries on the cake.Also, from having come from having next-to-nothing to having a lot, I have developed a strong belief that, all things being equal, offering equal opportunity is fundamental to being good.

Our greed is never satisfied to pay much attention to the CHERRIES though most can hardly get enough BREAD. For few ones, fighting their way to the top is much enjoyable than being born with a golden key on his mouth.The reason why we cannot be wealthy is that we possess much lower degrees of value system.

9.I found that if I accepted the realities rather than wished that they didn’t exist and if I learned how to work with them rather than fight them, I could figure out how to get to my goals.

Live with Reality and make friends with Time.

10.Whether it is knowing how people really think and behave when dealing with them, or how things really work on a material level—so that if we do X then Y will happen—understanding reality gives us the power to get what we want out of life, or at least to dramatically improve our odds of success.




In another word, though these things seem trivial, they reinforceour manipulative ability and thus our understanding to the world.Therefore, we should ...



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