(21) How much can a professor earn?

(voice-over): In the 50 years since the Communist Party took power there, China
has had just three paramount leaders: Mao Tse-Tung, Deng Xiaoping, and now Jiang Zemin, who currently rules over almost 1.3 billion people -- one out of every five people on Earth. He`s been in charge for 11 years, since Deng chose him to restore stability after the brutality at Tiananmen Square. But still, Americans know remarkably little about this powerful man who arrives in New York City tomorrow to visit the U.N. and to meet with American business leaders.

  As far as I know, many professors in Tsinghua University earn 10 thousand RM B per month。You know, the salary of professors is rising now。

The president believes China
has been misunderstood here in America,
and he wants Americans to get a more favorable -- and he says more realistic - impression of his country.

  (22) Why won’t you stay in the States?

ZEMIN: I hope to
convey through your program my best wishes to American people.

  It’s not my country。

(voice-over): Hes been called the silk-wrapped needle, and in this interview youll see why.

  (23) Can you explain why 90% Chinese students didn’t come back?

For several years, we`ve been asking to sit down with him. Finally, the president invited us to China and told us he was willing to answer any question.

  Really? If really so, I think everyone has its own reasons。But as far as I know, these years, more and more students have chosen to come back after graduation。As to me, I’ll definitely come back。I’ll take care of my parents, and I think it’s much easier to find an academic position in China than in the States。

(on camera): In a recent headline in one of your government newspapers, "China Daily," the paper called the U.S. "a threat to world
peace." Do you feel that way, that the United
4886a威尼斯城官网 ,States is a threat to world peace?

  (24) Can you promise that you will not be attracted?

(through translator): Candidly speaking, maybe it is because of the economic power and leading edge in science and technology that the United States enjoys, that more often than not it tends to overestimate itself and its position in the world. But today I want to convey a nice message to the American people, so I don`t want to use too many tough words in our talk.
George W. Bush -- one of them is going to be president of the United States while you are president of China. If they are watching right now, what would you want to say to them about future U.S. relations with China?

  Yes, and that’s sure。China is my motherland。

ZEMIN (through translator): I have a lot of friends among the leaders of both parties -- Republicans and Democrats.

WALLACE: So you give money to both their campaigns?

ZEMIN (through translator): Are you just joking? We have never done such things. I have read the campaign platforms of both parties and I believe whoever becomes president will try to improve the friendly relations between China and the United States,for this is in the strategic interest of the whole world. Someone asked me not to pay attention to unfriendly remarks candidates might make about China during the campaign because once elected, they will be friendly. I only hope that`s true.
WALLACE: The president had agreed to give short answers so that we could cover more ground. And when I reminded him about it, he was ready for me. ZEMIN (through translator): But I think my answer is roughly the same length as your question.

WALLACE: I know it. That`s absolutely true.

ZEMIN (through translator): If you make concise and brief questions, I`ll give you brief answers.

(voice-over): This was the first time Western television cameras had been allowed inside the presidents summer compound on the beach at the resort town of Bedaihuh. It has been called Chinas Camp David.

This is where the country`s leaders meet in private every August to develop their plans for the coming year. The president agreed to speak candidly with us, so we asked him to tell us candidly...

(on camera): ... how would you characterize the state of relations between China and the United States today, Mr. President?

ZEMIN (through
translator): On the whole, relations between China and the United States are good. However, I would like to use words people use to describe nature to describe the state of China-U.S. relations. Our relations have experienced wind, rain, and sometimes clouds or even dark clouds.

However, sometimes it clears up. We all sincerely hope to build a constructive partnership between China and the United States.

WALLACE: Thats spoken like a real politician. Theres no candor in it.

(through translator): I don`t think "politician" is a very nice word.

WALLACE: It`s a diplomatic word in this case.

(voice-over): Jiang Zemin is a gregarious fellow who loves center stage, but he has not given an extended interview to an American television reporter for 10 years, partly, he says, because Americans refuse to believe that the vast majority of Chinese are actually satisfied with one-party rule. One of our most spirited exchanges was over his objection to our use of the word "dictator."

(on camera): You are the last major communist dictatorship in the world.

ZEMIN: You mean I`m dictatorship?

WALLACE: Well, of course. A developmental dictatorship is what we believe it is. Am I wrong?

ZEMIN: Of course.This is big mistake.

WALLACE: you are, it seems to me, a dictator, an authoritarian.




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