BATMAN BEGINS
  Yesterday I had saw this film"BATMAN BEGINS".It mainly told us how did batman come and which side batman stood.After seeing this film,I had learnt so much from this movie and I was happy to talk to all of you.
  The movie start with "Mr. Wayne in prison ".At the first glance of this scene .I confused."Is this Batman" I asked myself.Then I find the answer myself.The story told when Mr. Wayne was a boy,he had seen how his parents murdered by someone,who hadn't enough food to eat ,and he feared bats so much.But when he grew up,he wanted to be different,he wanted to revenge.He lost himself.Fortunately,in prison,a master found him and teach him how to fight,how to be strong,how to conquer your fear.But the master had his own plan.He wanted GOTHAM CITY destroyed.But Mr. Wayne still thought there's hope for GOTHAM CITY and he could change the situation.After a range fight crime.However,the master wasn't die.He came to GOTHAM CITY and wanted to destroy it.But Batman stopped it and finally won this battle.
  However,this movie is really good.It not only because the tense pacing of the plots,a film of fights or hot scenes,but also the content of the film.It told us so clearly that how to be a great man,how to be a success.
  As Alfred said "Why do we fall?So that we can learn to pick ourselves up."There's no doubt everyone may fall when we want to make our goals come true.It's not important if we would fall,but if we can stand up again from where we fall.Everyone has his own fears and we must learn to conquer fear.How can we conquer it?As the master said "The training is nothing,will is everything."If you don't have the will to conquer it,how can you really make it?We must have the will to act.What ourselves really fear is inside ourselves.We fear our own power and anger to drive ourselves to do great or terrible things.Now we must journey inwards.We breath in our fears,face them ,to conquer fear,we must become fear.To feel terror cloud your senses,feel its power to distort.To control and know that this power can be ourselves.Sometimes we must embrace our worst fear.Become one with darkness,focus,concentrate,master our body so that we can be success.We can conquer our fear even make a big difference!
  However,every life is different.All we learn is one way how to survival,a way how to conquer fear and how to conquer ourselves.
  We see a movie sometimes for fun,most times we see a movie and do nothing,it's just to kill time.But we must know,every movie has its own Philosophy of life,we can learn from films and know how to do to make ourselves be perfect,to make our life be colorful and it's all depends you~~~

除了《花样年华》,还有三部华语片上榜:杨德昌的《一一》[8]、李安的《卧虎藏龙》[35]以及侯孝贤的《刺客聂隐娘》[50]威尼斯手机娱乐官网 ,。



1、穆赫兰道 Mulholland Drive (2001)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 1导演:大卫·林奇(David Lynch)


Lynch’s film is so gorgeous and so painful, so mysterious and, in many ways, so recognisable that, whatever theory you ascribe to it, the picture does indeed reflect a reality that moves beyond southern California and parks itself in our brains, tapping into our dreams, deepest fears, inscrutable natures, and erotic desires。


– Kim Morgan, Sunset Gun, US

2、花样年华 In the Mood for Love (2000)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 2导演:王家卫

Wong Kar-wai is one of world cinema’s most notorious perfectionists, but he earned every moment of editing-room indecision with In the Mood for Love, the rare movie that draws much of its melancholy power from what it leaves off-screen。


We never see the faces of the spouses whose affair pulls two lonely neighbours into their delirious romantic spiral。 We never see the sex scene that Wong shot but omitted, all the better to heighten the erotic charge of every swaying hip and every voluptuous swirl of the camera。


And we never hear the lost, whispered words at the climax, which would be superfluous in any case: never before has a film spoken so fluently in the universal language of loss and desire。


– Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

3、血色将至 There Will Be Blood (2007)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 3导演:保罗·托马斯·安德森(Paul Thomas Anderson)

From its near-wordless opening scene, Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood feels like something forged, not filmed。


Daniel Day-Lewis, as turn-of-the-century prospector Daniel Plainview, grunts, spits and scrapes his way into a hole under baked Western earth; he strikes silver, drags his half-broken body to certify his claim, winds up discovering oil。


The rest of the movie – a sprawling, half-mad testament to greed, industry, moral hypocrisy and ballyhoo at their most elementally American – could be watched with no sound at all and still be perfectly understood。


– Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

4、千与千寻 Spirited Away (2001)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 4导演:宫崎骏

It’s hard to place any one of Studio Ghibli’s sweet, passionate animated films above the others, but Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away does particularly stand out for its visual sophistication and elaborate themes of determination, courage and good cheer。


Miyazaki’s story of a young girl trying to rescue her parents, feels like a throwback to an earlier age of hand-drawn animation。 Made at a point where CGI was taking over animated features in theUS, Spirited Away has a lovingly handmade feel。 It’s a traditional fairy tale turned into an exciting narrative of transformation and discovery。


– Tasha Robinson, The Verge, US

5、少年时代 Boyhood (2014)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 5导演:理查德·林克莱特(Richard Linklater)

This 21st Century masterpiece took most of the 21st Century to make。 For more than a decade, Richard Linklater spent a few weeks each year chronicling the life of Mason。


Watching the cast, which also includes Ethan Hawke and a remarkable Patricia Arquette, age before our eyes, adds an extra layer of poignancy to every single scene。


In an era when every aspect of society was accelerating, Linklater slowed down to tell the one of the definitive stories of our time。


– Matt Singer, ScreenCrush, US

6、美丽心灵的永恒阳光 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ( 2004)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 6导演:米歇尔·冈瑞(Michel Gondry)

The story of a breakup gone wrong, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind could easily have gone wrong itself。 But this wasn‘t your average whimsical tale of romantic yearning。


Jim Carrey boldly pushed against type to portray a perennially sad man literally trapped by his grievances and eager to let them unravel。


But the movie belongs just as much to Kate Winslet, whose character‘s decision to erase her own memories of the ex-couple’s time together sets the drama in motion。


– Eric Kohn, Indiewire, US

7、生命之树 The Tree of Life (2011)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 7导演:泰伦斯·马力克(Terrence Malick)

Like a great poem, The Tree of Life opens itself to a thousand interpretations, as director Terrence Malick takes a spiritual and lyrical journey through time, from a dusty 1950s childhood in Texas back to the beginnings of the cosmos itself。


This strange new pillar in the cathedral of US cinema stars Brad Pitt as an authoritarian father and Jessica Chastain as a tender and deeply religious mother of three sons。


Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography is sun-dappled, or oozes images of boiling lava, dinosaurs and exploding planets, all to a soundtrack of Preisner’s Requiem — in this case a requiem to a dead son。 The joys and aching losses of parenting become transcendent, even Biblical, in Malick’s hands。


– Kate Muir, The Times, UK

8、一 一Yi Yi: A One and a Two (2000)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 8导演:杨德昌

Audiences in 2000 were astonished by how fluently Edward Yang’s Yi Yi portrays contemporary life through the intermingling stories of members of a Taipei family separated by the dilemmas specific to their stations in life。


Yi Yi is a reverently meticulous film, with its painstakingly detailed moods, and rituals that are seemingly endemic to the characters and their customs。 Yet, it is also grandly universal。 Its quiet reflections on life, love, family and death are all gracefully affecting, no matter the gap in generation and culture。


– Oggs Cruz, Rappler, Philippines

9、一次别离 A Separation (2011)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 9导演:阿斯哈·法哈蒂(Asghar Farhadi)

If there is a film that makes you take a deep look at yourself in the mirror again and again, this is it。 Asghar Farhadi’s searing relationship drama does not make a judgement about its characters。 Rather, it pitches the situations so realistically that the viewer ends up sympathising with both protagonists even though they are pitted against each other。


– Utpal Borpujari, Freelance, India

10、老无所依 No Country for Old Men (2007)

威尼斯手机娱乐官网 10导演:伊桑·科恩 / 乔尔·科恩(Joel and Ethan Coen)

Readers of Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Menput down the novel possessing a distinct image of its villain。 The Anton Chigurh on the page became vividly seared into our consciousness。 That image, though, is not Javier Bardem in the Coen Brothers’ Oscar-winner for best picture。


Yet Bardem’s film characterisation is so powerful, so splendidly overwhelming in his random application of violence, that he manages to extinguish whatever preceded it in the mind of the audience。


Set in West Texas in 1980, No Country for Old Men’s sense of time and place are unparalleled。 There’s a hypnotic quality to the movie’s pace, watching characters you can’t help but like make a series of catastrophic decisions that bring each into Chigurh’s universe, a world soaked in blood with a predetermined outcome。


– Ben Mankiewicz, Turner Classic Movies, US




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