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E-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group’s founder Jack Ma, who pledged on at least two occasions that the company would never enter the gaming industry, seems to have changed his mind.

“I want to become a woman in my next life,”said Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma at the 2017 Global Conference on Women and Entrepreneurship, “to have two kids and nurture two startups instead of a big company。”

电子商务巨头阿里巴巴集团的创始人马云(Jack Ma)似乎已经改变了主意。马云至少曾两次承诺,该公司永远不会进入游戏行业。


Ma said in 2008 that the company "would rather starve to death than live on games". In 2010, he said that Alibaba would not invest one penny in games.

Here are five more choice quotes of Ma’s, about women, from the conference:



But the company did not stick to that principle too long. Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group announced on Monday that it will establish a gaming business group.

1。Alibaba is a she-culture

但该公司并没有太长时间坚持这一原则。阿里巴巴数字媒体娱乐集团(Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group)周一宣布,将成立一家游戏业务集团。

1。 阿里巴巴倡导“她文化”

Zhan Zhonghui, former chief operation officer of Net-Ease, will take charge of the gaming business group.

Quote: “Out of the 18 founders in Alibaba, 6 of them are women, accounting for one-third of the total number of founders in Alibaba。”

网易公司(net - ease)前首席运营官詹中辉(Zhan Zhonghui)将负责该游戏业务集团。


In an internal letter to all Alibaba’s staff, Zhan said the company would "pursue excellence as long as it steps into an industry".

In context: Women account for 35 percent of managerial roles and 23 percent of executive roles within the company。



The company will improve its ability in developing its own games and integrate research and development with operation in the hope of developing games that have high popularity and a good response from the market, he said.

Alibaba encourages female workers to have kids and in this effort has set up more than 100 nursing rooms for new mothers and resting rooms for pregnant women。



An Alibaba spokesman said the gaming market capacity is big enough to include more participants.

2。Women buy for friends and family and men buy for themselves


2。 女性为朋友和家人购物,男性为自己买东西

Alibaba’s Digital Media and Entertainment Group’s Chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu said the gaming unit would leverage the resources created by its sister platforms such as online videos and movies.

Quote: “At Taobao and Tmall, we notice female consumption is centered around family, from buying furniture to spending on vacation and childrenswear。



But men like to buy cars, phones, laptops, video games, and take-out food。


Women focus on others and family, whereas men’s shopping choices are more self-centered。”


In context: There are more than 50 percent of female store owners on Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, and 46 percent of business transactions are from female vendors。


3。In the future, the world won’t ask how to grant women more opportunities

3。 未来,世界不存在怎么赋予女性更多机会的问题




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